New Zealand is renowned the world over for its serene and natural beauty. Nowhere is this more evident than the beautiful town of Queenstown in New Zealand’s South Island. Down below we’ll run you through the 11 best things to Read more >

8 Must Do San Francisco Tourist Attractions Not Too Miss!

What are the must do San Francisco tourist attractions to experience on your San Francisco vacation? We spent 7 days exploring the best the city has to offer and down below are the top attractions in San Francisco not too Read more >

8 of the Best Things to Do in Calgary in Summer

When it comes to the province of Alberta, Canada, chances are you know about its famous national parks, mountains, and incredible lakes. In fact, I’ve written a post featuring many of them! But what do you know about its cities? Chances are you don’t know a whole lot, because Alberta’s cities are criminally overlooked as…

12 Don’t-Miss Things to Do in Capitol Reef National Park Utah

What a fun three days we had exploring Capitol Reef NP, one of the most beautiful national parks in the USA we have visited. Down below are our tips on things to do in Capitol Reef National Park including the Read more >

A Non-Drinker Travels the Scotch Whisky Trail – And You Can, Too!

It was around the fourth whisky distillery that I was forced to acknowledge an incontrovertible truth about myself: I do not and likely will never enjoy drinking Scotch whisky. I don’t like peaty whiskies or floral whiskies; I don’t like whisky neat or on the rocks or even (gasp) in cocktails; I don’t even really…

30 Incredible Places to Visit in California For Your California Bucket List

Dreaming of visiting California? There are so many beautiful places to visit in California and I think it has more diversity than any other state in the USA. From the beaches to the mountains, from the forests to the deserts, Read more >

6 Highlights from an Active River Cruise with Avalon Waterways

I’m not new to the world of river cruising. I fell in love with the style of travel back in 2015, and have been on 4 river cruises throughout Europe since then. I’m a fan of river cruising for a few reasons: You can get an overview of a region in a short amount of…

9 Incredible Things to Do in Death Valley National Park (for first time visitors)

We didn’t know there was so many incredible things to do in Death Valley National Park until after our two day visit.  Now we know this is not just a place you drive through on your way to other destinations Read more >

June 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After being mostly home for the last couple of months, June kicked off an extremely busy summer of travel for me. I was barely home at all in June (I slept in my own bed only 4 times!), meaning I’ve got a LOT to tell you about! From mentoring at my third Bloghouse, to chasing…

14 Epic Adventures in the American Southwest Not To Miss On Your USA Travels!

Dreaming of visiting the American Southwest? We spent several months exploring on our Southwest USA road trip so have plenty of tips and insights to share with you down below! The American Southwest region is one of the best road Read more >

5 Spectacular Snow Canyon Hikes – Don’t Miss Snow Canyon State Park Utah on...

Looking for tips on things to do in Snow Canyon State Park? We were blown away by the spectacular Snow Canyon hikes we did in what has to be the best parks in St George Utah. Down below are our Read more >

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