25 MORE Photos That Prove Norway is a Real-Life Fairy Tale


Choosing a “favorite country” is pretty much impossible for a frequent traveler; it’s a question that many of us hate being asked because we never have a straight answer.

But, while I don’t know that I can pinpoint one country as my absolute favorite, I can usually give a list of my (current) top picks.

And, these days, Norway is always on that list.

Ever since my first visit to Norway in 2015, there’s been something about the country that continues to draw me back. It’s not just one thing, but rather a combination, I think, of amazing scenery, good quality of life, delicious seafood, and ease of travel.

It’s a country that I definitely see myself returning to again and again.

Last year, I put a post together of my favorite photos from Norway, which highlighted cities like Ålesund, Trondheim, Tromsø, and Oslo, and natural features like fjords and mountains and the Northern Lights.

But after yet another trip to Norway this year, I feel like I have even MORE proof that Norway is straight out of a fairy tale.

Check out these 25 additional photos that prove that Norway is, indeed, magical:

Picnic spot near Senjahopen, Norway

Even though it wasn’t close to a meal time, I pulled over along the National Tourist Route on Senja just for this picnic spot.

View of Tromsø from Fjellheisen tramway

The view of Tromsø from Fjellheisen tramway looks like something straight out of “Frozen.”

Fishing town of Husøy in Norway

The Lofoten Islands get a lot of love on social media, but I think the fishing town of Husøy is just as pretty!

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

Yes, Bryggen in Bergen really is this colorful!

Northern Norway beach

This beach in Northern Norway sure looks magical to me.

Cabins in Gryllefjord, Norway

These little red houses in the port town of Gryllefjord look like they belong in the pages of a storybook.

Tungeneset viewpoint on Senja

These craggy mountains from the Tungeneset viewpoint on Senja look like the perfect place for trolls to live.

At the top of Ørnfløya

I hiked to the top of Ørnfløya for this amazing view out over the island of Sommarøy.

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

These buildings in Bergen are hundreds of years old – think of the stories they could tell!

Hadsel Bridge to Stokmarknes

I pulled a U-turn after crossing the Hadsel Bridge on the way to Stokmarknes because the color of that water just begged to be photographed.

Andøya coast, Northern Norway

Another magical beach in Norway, this time along the Andøya coast.

Driving the National Tourist Route on Senja

Again… perfect troll mountains!

Midnight Sun at Vesterålen Kysthotell in Stokmarknes

The Midnight Sun is magical, too – seen here at the Vesterålen Kysthotell in Stokmarknes.

Andøya coast, Northern Norway

The Andøya coast took my breath away! It reminds me a bit of Scotland, another of my favorite places in the world.

Hamn i Senja in Norway

Nope, the color of that water isn’t Photoshopped!

Village of Undredal on the Aurlandsfjord

Sailing along Norway’s fjords, you see all sorts of picture-perfect villages, like Undredal on the Aurlandsfjord.

Mountains in Senja, Norway

“I want to see mountains again, mountains Gandalf!”

Happy Norwegian goat

This happy goat could come straight off the pages of a fairy tale, don’t you think?

Sea views in Andenes, Norway

The sea views in Andenes are pretty epic.

Stokmarknes sunset

And Midnight Sun “sunsets” can be pretty epic, too.

Ocean in Sommarøy, Norway

Fun fact: Norway has beaches that look like this!

Road to Tromsø

I may or may not have stopped to make a wish on one of these giant dandelions along the road to Tromsø.

Midnight Sun at Vesterålen Kysthotell in Stokmarknes

Sorry, I really couldn’t get enough of these red cabins, OR that magical reflection.

Sailing on the Nærøyfjord in Norway

Misty fjords always make me think about myths and legends – of which there are plenty in Norway!

Flying above Bergen, Norway

Lastly, there are few views more magical than Norway from above on a sunny afternoon!

Have you been to Norway? If not, which of these photos would inspire you to book a trip?



  1. This is really too bad that such a pretty looking fish cause imbalance in the new habitat for them, resulting they got to be killed, or the native ones will be suffering. Not only for pretty fish, I will be sad for the ugly ones too.

  2. Hilarious! Sounds like some great plans, I’d love to visit that part of Europe. Really looking forward to reading about your time there!

  3. Well with my online discount and OAP status I can probably just afford it, Lucy. 🙂 It’d be a once and only for me so it’d be a full day out. Hopefully some time this year but not yet certain when. At least you had nice blue skies. 🙂

  4. Fabulous photos Lucy. I saw the installation in October – it’s incredibly moving. As you say though hundreds of people around.


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