A Little Haiku…First Days in Mexico and an Ode to the Cold Shower


Happy Sunday all! I’m going out of contact for the next week but have some stories lined up from recent and past travels – I won’t be responding to comments until I get back from a certain place in the Caribbean that I’m *not* visiting (wink, wink), but don’t let that stop you from sharing thoughts and stories, I’ll be reading them all next weekend  🙂

Current Vegetarian Mexican Food Situation
coox hanal salsas

Mexican salsas

As for the current moment, I’ve been in Mexico for four days now and concluded that I’m going to be eating the same basic handful of foods for the next three months. I knew that Central and South America were heavily meat eating cultures…but somehow I wasn’t anticipating the amount of fried foods, mushrooms, and cheese that I would consume! Add that to the basic beans and rice and you have a pretty clear picture of my current diet.

On a very big up side, it’s all been incredibly tasty! And the deserts are excellent; I’ve fallen for the churros here – the churros, and the charming young girl selling the churros who knows that my Spanish is still rusty and yet still can’t manage to slow down enough for us to Churrería Calderónclearly communicate beyond the basic transaction and some of my bumbling attempts to make conversation. As for the churros, I know that I have access to them in the states, but only now have I fully discovered the joy of ending each day with a bag full of hot and cinnamon-y fried goodness.

The backpacker side of Cancun is distinctly different than the resort areas, the hostels are right in the middle of a mostly Mexican neighborhood so all of the food is cheap and plentiful – about two dollars buys a complete meal of the most mind-blowingly awesome quesadillas – unlike in the States, these messy tacos and quesadillas are filled to the brim and then loaded up with sour cream, cheese, and a wide range of salsas, onions, and pico.

My first foodie lesson? Ask about the salsas before I dive in and slather it all over my food. Although I’m pretty proud of my tolerance for spicy foods, the colorful green and red salsas can be incredibly deceiving. The red salsa at one vendor was solo un poco picante (only a bit spicy) similar looking salsa elsewhere had my forehead perspiring while my lips went a bit numb on the inside and my nose started dripping.

Fun times.

And Now, the Promised Haiku

I’ve been off the road for a good four months now and was gladdened to know that some things never change…no matter what country I’m in, I continually discover the joys of the cold shower.


Ode to the Cold Shower

Spray drizzling weakly
Fleeting, I dash in and out
Wet kisses tingle.

Photo thanks to Scaredy_Kat and Daquella Manera


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