A Little Search…The Whimsy of Degas


Degas PaintingNearing exhaustion and having already wandered about the Metropolitan Museum of Art for hours, I finally spotted a lone Degas painting on the wall – one of his classic ballerina studies.

Like a dog onto the scent I darted a quick look around the room, scanning the paintings and then moving my eyes to the small white attribution plaques under each painting. I’d been searching the met for about 45 minutes already for the section of the museum holding a large collection of Edgar Degas’ works (yes, I should have just asked…don’t ask me why I didn’t).

At this point my search seemed ridiculous, I had already explored the Met for about four hours and it was on my way out that I spotted a postcard in the gift shop of one of my favorite Degas paintings – I really love Degas and had no idea the Met had some of his artwork in their collection so I unbundled myself from my jackets and scarves and headed back into the labyrinth in a long and drawn out search for his artwork.

And then I spied a large sculpture in the middle of the adjoining room.

Suddenly I was surrounded by a roomful of Degas paintings on every wall – and that’s when the contentment set in.

I don’t fancy myself a connoisseur of fine art, but there is just something that I really, really like about his dancer drawings. There’s a whimsy to them and a grace that draws me into the ballet studios where his dancers practice – I can almost hear the music as they go through their paces.

Elegant Ballerina Sculpture by DegasMucha Painting

So, although I was nearing a hungered exhaustion, I stood and stared, thought, pondered, dreamed, wandered, and then pondered some more.

And I concluded that I like his artwork even more now that I’ve seen a larger representation of his work.

I spent the entire hour long metro ride home appreciating the unexpected lift in spirits that seeing his artwork left me with 🙂

Other highlights from The Met included works by Mucha (above) statues, chariots, and other delights.

Ancient Bronze ChariotAttributed to Michelangelo


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