Announcing ADB Tours: Come with Me to Iceland and Greenland!


For years, people have been asking, “Can I travel with you?”

Sometimes the question is asked jokingly (along with the “do you need an assistant?” one), and sometimes it’s asked seriously. I never had a good answer in the past – but now I do!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be co-leading not one but TWO awesome tours later this year: one to a country I’ve been to before, and one that will be new to me, too.

Come to Iceland and Greenland with me!

I’ve partnered up with Inertia Network to put together two unique and adventurous tours. One will focus on South Iceland (probably the best part of Iceland, if you ask me), while the other will focus on the remote settlements of East Greenland.

Mýrdalsjökull glacier in Iceland

Mýrdalsjökull glacier in Iceland

Iceberg in Greenland

Iceberg in Greenland (Photo by Matt Reichel)

These won’t be your average tours – they’re both one-of-a-kind, specially curated, and centered around the types of things I love to see and do when I travel. Each small-group tour has a mix of incredible landscapes and photography opportunities, as well as some light adventure activities. I can’t WAIT for both of these, and hope that some of you will join me!

Iceland tour info

If you’ve never visited Iceland before, this tour will be a great introduction to the Land of Fire and Ice. (And if you *have* been to Iceland before, we’re still going to visit places you probably haven’t seen!) We’ll be focusing on the South Coast of Iceland, chasing waterfalls, spotting glaciers, and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights.

Behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

When? This tour runs September 23-29.

How much? $2300 USD per person (based on twin sharing)

How many people? This trip is designed for 5-14 participants.

Where? The tour begins and ends in Reykjavik.

What are the highlights? All the best South Shore waterfalls; Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon and Ice Beach (with potential boat trip); Skaftafell National Park; a glacier hike; secret hot springs; and more!

Where will we stay? This tour will have us staying in local Icelandic guest houses.

What’s included:

  • All accommodation
  • Internal travel within Iceland (*NOTE* that we are planning to rent 4×4 vehicles, meaning some people may be asked to volunteer to drive on this trip!)
  • Activity fees/entries
  • Meals
  • Photography tips and lessons (especially when it comes to photographing the Northern Lights)

What’s not included:

  • Flights to/from Iceland
  • Travel insurance
  • Gear (though I can recommend a place if you need to rent a good camera)
  • Personal spending (i.e. alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, etc.)

Jokulsarlon in Iceland

Iceland itinerary

Here’s a brief look at what we’ll see/do on this tour:

Day 1, Sept. 23: Arrival and some time to explore Reykjavik; we’ll meet in the afternoon and head south, spending the night in the tiny town of Vik.

Day 2, Sept. 24: We’ll spend the day visiting the famous waterfalls and black sand beaches along Iceland’s South Coast.

Day 3-5, Sept. 25-27: The next few days will be spent soaking in the best of South Iceland – quite literally at times! We’ll go hiking on a glacier, take a boat around the ice lagoon at Jokulsarlon, take a hike in Vatnajokull National Park, wander the deep green valleys at Thorsmork, and visit secret hot springs. At night, we’ll hunt the Northern Lights if conditions are right.

Day 6, Sept. 28: We’ll head back to Reykjavik, have a group farewell dinner, and talk about the highlights of the trip. We may even share some of our favorite photos.

Day 7, Sept. 29: For those who are going on to Greenland, we’ll fly out of Reykjavik this morning. For those who are just visiting Iceland, you can leave anytime today – or maybe extend your trip to see more of Iceland on your own!

You can find a more detailed itinerary here.

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Greenland tour info

While Greenland is becoming more popular with tourists, it’s still definitely one of the more wild places you can visit in the Arctic. It’s icy and harsh and still very wild. The people who live here are incredibly tough and still mostly live off the land. While most people visit the west side of Greenland, this trip will take us to the remote East Greenland.

(Photo by Matt Reichel)

I can’t WAIT for this, guys – Greenland has been on my bucket list forever!

When? September 29-October 4

How much? $2,750 USD per person (or $2,250 if you also book the Iceland trip)

How many people? This trip is designed for 4-8 participants.

Where? We’ll be flying in and out of Kulusuk, and this trip focuses on settlements and sights in East Greenland.

What are the highlights? Sailing the Tinit Ice Fjord, seeing the Knud Rasmussen and Haan glaciers, fishing with Tunu locals, watching for humpbacks and fin whales, living in Greenlandic settlements, and hopefully chasing the Northern Lights. If the weather allows, we may also have the chance to hike onto the Greenlandic Ice Cap!

Where will we stay? We’ll be staying in a mix of basic hotels/guest houses and homestays in some of the local settlements.

What’s included:

  • All accommodation and meals
  • Regional travel within Greenland, including boat transfers
  • Activity fees/entries
  • Local guides
  • Photography tips and lessons (especially when it comes to photographing the Northern Lights)

What’s not included:

  • All airfare – this includes flights to Iceland, and the flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk (we will, however, let you know exactly which flight you’ll need to book to get to Greenland!)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal spending

(Photo by Matt Reichel)

Greenland itinerary

Here’s a look at all the awesomeness we’ll get up to in Greenland:

Day 1, Sept. 29: We’ll fly to Kulusuk from Reykjavik and then transfer by boat to Tasiilaq, the main town in East Greenland.

Day 2, Sept. 30: We’ll visit the colorful settlement of Sermiligaaq and the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, and sail through the Sermiligaaq Fjord before returning to Tasiilaq for the night.

Day 3, Oct. 1: In the morning, we’ll head to the settlement of Kuummiut, a small Greenlandic fishing and hunting settlement. We’ll meet some locals and learn how they fish in the fjords. In the afternoon, we’ll continue on through the Ammassalik Fjord to Tiniteqilaaq, where we’ll stay in local homes.

Day 4, Oct. 2: Today we have time to explore Tiniteqilaaq (nicknamed Tinit). The area is great for hiking for all those interested.

Day 5, Oct. 3: This is my birthday!! (True story.) We’ll be sailing to the Johan Pedersen Fjord and all the way up to the Haan Clacier, which is connected to the Greenlandic Icecap. If the weather and sea conditions allow, we’ll land to have lunch and potentially hike up onto the ice cap! We’ll head back to Kulusuk Island tonight.

Day 6, Oct. 4: We’ll fly back to Reykjavik and say our farewells. We recommend spending tonight in Iceland in case we run into any flight delays.

You can see a more detailed itinerary here.

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(Photo by Matt Reichel)


Okay, so I know that I’m super duper excited about both of these tours, but I want you guys to be as informed as possible if you’re considering joining me. So here are a few additional things to know:

Who are these tours designed for?

These tours are designed for travelers like me: curious, intrepid, and a little adventurous. We don’t have any age limits (my dad will be coming on both tours!), but a moderate level of fitness is required to fully participate in all the activities. In Iceland we’ll be hiking on a glacier and walking to see waterfalls and beaches. In Greenland, we’ll be traveling a lot by boat, so the ability to climb in and out of an unstable vessel is necessary.

These tours are also not luxury adventures. We won’t be camping outdoors or anything like that, but accommodations will be basic to moderate. In Greenland, you may have to walk to a separate building in order to take a hot shower. But all of this is done so we can really interact with both the local people and natural environments of the place. (I promise, it’s going to be awesome!)

How much are flights?

Getting to Iceland is pretty affordable these days; you can usually find roundtrip flights from the US for anywhere between $300 and $700 per person. Check airlines like Iceland Air and WOW Air for the best deals.

For our flight to Greenland, we’ll be flying with Air Iceland, a local airline. Roundtrip flights to Greenland from Reykjavik tend to run anywhere from $700 to $900 per person.

Are there any caveats?

YES. The main caveat is in regards to the dates of these trips. Flights to Greenland often sell out (even outside of the summer season, which is so annoying!) thanks to cruise ships buying all the seats in order to try to re-sell them to their passengers. This does mean that there is a *slight* chance that our dates/itineraries may change between now and September. In September and October, there are limited flights to Greenland every week, so if a flight sells out before we can buy tickets, dates may have to shift.

So my advice is that if you want to join us in Greenland, register ASAP!

(Photo by Matt Reichel)

What should I pack?

I have a whole packing list for Iceland in winter, and I will probably be packing similarly for both of these trips.

The weather in Iceland and Greenland in September/October can get cold, and it may also be wet at times. I recommend warm boots, waterproof layers, and a hat and mittens just to be safe!

(We’ll send out packing suggestions to everyone who signs up for the trips.)

What will the food be like?

In Iceland, you can find everything from seafood to cheeseburgers, though cheap meals like lamb stew and hotdogs (yup, hotdogs!) are also really popular with travelers.

In Greenland, the food options will be much less varied. Seafood will feature prominently since everything else has to be shipped in from Denmark and is really expensive. This trip may not be appropriate for vegetarians/vegans unless you are willing to bring a lot of your own food.

Why should I book one of *these* tours?

You certainly can visit Iceland on your own, and there are other options out there if you want to go to Greenland. So why should you book these tours specifically?

Well, first of all, you get to hang out with me on these tours!  😉

But, more seriously, these trips aren’t going to be like most other guided tours. There’s more of a focus on unique adventures and getting to know the local people (especially on the Greenland trip).

Both myself and Matt (the other co-leader) will also be available to give photography tips and tutorials, AND I’m always happy to help you shoot the perfect Instagram shot of yourself.

These tours were designed with some of my own personal interests in mind, and I would love to share them with you!

Columns at Reynisfjara beach

Me in Iceland; we’ll be going to this beach!

How do I book?

Head to this page and click “Register for this trip.”

(Or, if you’re unsure and would like to get more info, you can also join our interest list. But keep in mind that these will be small group tours, so spaces are limited!)

And of course please feel free to send any additional questions you have my way!

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Who’s ready to come on an adventure with me?



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