Ban the Selfies! Book a Local Photographer to Capture Travel Memories


I’ve noticed a growing trend in travel recently – hiring a holiday photographer to capture your travel memories.

I’ve been curious as to how worthwhile it is as all the photos I’ve seen have been amazing. I know if we’re thinking about it, you could be too.

So when Wanderloud approached us sometime ago to test their holiday photography services, we said we’d definitely think about it.

When we knew we were going to New York, we said “Let’s do it!”

hire a vacation photographer

We have very little quality photos of the four of us enjoying travel experiences, AND none of us doing it in a city landscape.

It’s all been beaches and the Aussie Outback!

There is no better city location for a photo shoot then New York City. And, there’s no better place to capture amazing travel memories then New York City.

It oozes charm and excellence at every street and avenue.

Why we recommend hiring a local photographer to shoot your travel?

We were under no obligation to write this post. We experienced a 90 minute photography shoot with Melinda, a Wanderloud photographer, and it was left to us whether we wanted to share it or not.

Obviously, we loved it.

We rarely take on experiences unless we know we’re going to love it and we think it’s a good fit.

I love looking over our professional family photos in New York now.

Not only did we have some wonderful staged family photos of the four of us, but candid  photos like the following that captured every day moments we have when we travel.

Three of my favorites

family travel hire a local photographerWhat were we talking about here?
Dumbo Brooklyn hire a local photographerAlways competing for my attention, usually with jumps and giggles.
Shoot my travel hiring a personal photographerAnd the joy of these two playing on the bridge.

It was wonderful to be fully in the moment and not have to pick up the camera or the phone – no selfies allowed.

Not that we really do selfies anyway. Non-selfie travel photos are always so much better.

More memory and incredible setting and less self-indulgence of just your face getting squished into a frame with a blurred background. #ijustdontgetselfies

What is Wanderloud?

Wanderloud local holiday photographer

Wanderloud connects travelers with local photographers around the world. It’s a young Australian company started by of Ben and Benieke Treverton.

The idea for the company was created from an holiday to Scotland when they forgot their camera.

They had a wonderful time together just being present in the moment and so learned the value of being camera free, but they were disappointed they had no memories of their amazing trip.

So the idea was born to build a platform that connected travelers with local photographers all over the world so they could have the present moment experiences AND the photograph memories.

Wanderloud now has photographers in 40+ destinations around the world and counting.

wanderloud holiday photographers

holiday photographer to shoot your travel

Wanderloud encourages travellers to book a fun, candid photoshoot to “say it all” so they can really be there in their  destination, and with each other.

People use the service to for milestone birthdays, honeymoons or anniversaries, a long-awaited  family reunion, couples on their first overseas trip together, the experience of a lifetime, expats farewelling a place that was home, or just a really special holiday.

Being an expat traveller for most of my life, I love the idea of using a local photographer to capture the essence of what your short term home meant to you.

Using Wanderloud and hiring a local photographer is a wonderful alternative to capturing memories then the tacky souvenir that tends to gather dust on the shelf (or take up too much room in the boxes in the garage. Guilty as charged.)

Hiring a local holiday photographer

New York City local holiday photographer

When you use a service like Wanderloud, you don’t have to spend time searching for the perfect local photographer to capture your images.

That could lead you down the rabbit hole and there’s an element of the unknown there – what will they really be like?

With Wanderloud, all the local photographers are put through a selection process by Benieke and Ben which involves going through their portfolio and shooting a demo for them.

Professional photogrpaher Ben has an eye for style, talent and personality.

Our Wanderloud photographer, Melinda was fabulous.

She was very easy going and friendly. She’s a traveler and entrepreneur so we had a lot in common. And she was great with the girls, encouraging their posing and fun spirits.

hire a local holiday photographer New York City

Also, with the local photographer, you get insider knowledge and tips.

Melinda asked to change our requested time for our photoshoot when she knew the light would be better across the bridge.

She also knew construction was going on and how to avoid that. She also took us to some local secret places we never heard of.

Well this one in DUMBO with the Manhattan Bridge as a backdrop is apparently not a secret as it’s heavily instagrammed! Of course we joined in.

Dumbo Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge New York city

We discovered the delightful cobblestoned streets of DUMBO, the revitalized warehouses, and the oldest ice cream place in New York – too cold!

But down on the river we had amazing views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the perfect spot to take photos.

Brooklyn heights park

She showed us the original Grimaldi’s which is one of the most famous pizza joints in New York and we returned on another evening. It was good!!

Depending on the time you book you can visit more than one location.

I would have loved to have snapped some pics in Central Park, but we didn’t have the time allotted for that. I’d try to keep the locations close together though.

My favorite photo was this one.

Fulton st Brooklyn Hire a vacation photographer to shoot my travel

It was the last photo of the shoot, and the red door grabbed her photographer’s eye.

That’s the value of hiring a local photographer – they can see things you don’t and can capture a memorable photo that you wouldn’t have the skills or time to do especially with kids.

It’s hard for you to notice anywhere that isn’t obvious for a photo. You can just relax and let someone guide the experience and capture those amazing memories for you.

I just can’t decide which moment I like the best.

family travel photos

How Wanderloud works

  1. Find your destination on the Wanderloud site. You can choose your photographer if you wish or let Wanderloud match you. You can also share your ideas with the photographer, including where you want to shoot. Or you can just sit back and relax and let the wisdom of the photographer take control of the experience.
  2. You’ll receive all the information to prepare you with your shoot via email. It’s an effortless and thorough onboarding experience.
  3. Meet your photographer at your location – you’ll get all of that information via email.
  4. See your photos. It was incredible how quickly we received our images. We had a preview the following day and then all images given to us less than five days later. You can easily download them from offline and do whatever you like with them!

Packages start at $390 AUD which includes 1 hour, 1 location and 20 images.

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Book a local photographer to record your holiday memories. We experienced a local photography session with Wanderloud in New York City. I love looking at these professional photos of our travel memories now. It's a worthwhile experience. Read the post to learn more about how it works.

Book a local photographer to record your holiday memories. We experienced a local photography session with Wanderloud in New York City. I love looking at these professional photos of our travel memories now. It's a worthwhile experience. Read the post to learn more about how it works.


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