Accessing Money on the Road

If there is one thing I hate, it’s paying banks fees and helping the banks to make billion dollar profits with little in return. I’m always looking for ways to reduce fees especially when it comes to transferring money overseas. How to Read more >
Remember travellers cheques? It’s hard to believe but back in the day if you wanted to access money whilst traveling overseas, many of us resorted to carrying around a bulky packet of travellers cheques. How times have changed! These days, Read more >
My brother first told me about prepaid travel money cards a couple of years ago. He and his wife used a cash passport for their year long trip through South America and raved about how easy and convenient it was. Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…