Eastern Europe is becoming more and more popular for tourists to visit, and the Czech Republic is currently one of the most popular Eastern European destinations. So where should you go when you visit the Czech Republic? Prague is the most Read more >
Kigo is a stylish, comfortable, minimalist footwear designed for a diverse range of activities. We had the opportunity to try a pair each for the last month and here is our Kigo Footwear Review. Before wearing our new Kigo shoes, Read more >
The scenic Terrigal Beach, on the NSW Central Coast, Australia is just over an hour drive from from Sydney and is missed by most travellers, generally because the main north/south freeway bypasses this beautiful area that has plenty of stunning Read more >
By Adam Seper from World Travel for Couples Ahhh, Bolivia.  A country of great beauty, stunning landscapes, and unique attractions. A country with the highest capital city in the world, the largest salt flats in the world, mountains, jungles, lakes, and Read more >
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Ah, to be sure to be sure, Ireland would have to have one of the best pub scenes in the world. We had the pleasure of being a frequent visitor to many Irish pubs. I lived in Dublin in 1999 Read more >
“Viva, viva”, even with my limited grasp of Portuguese I understood these words “hurrah, hurrah” being chanted very loudly and very proudly as I left my house for my normally rather serene walk to work. But today was Labour Day. Read more >
Spain has been on my mind lately. I recently wrote a post about the San Fermin festival, and it seems as if everyone in the twitter/travel blogging world is talking about their recent holidays in Spain. And why not? Spain Read more >

Dear Beijing

Dear Beijing, I’d like to start by saying it’s been lovely staying with you these last two weeks but I’m afraid it’s time for us to move on. You’ve been a great host and given us the perfect start to Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…