How to Save Money on Accommodation

“Your travel budget is what?” I asked, thinking that I had misheard Jason. “$37,000 USD per year total for the 3 of us,” Jason repeated. I had heard him correctly. Here was a family of 3 traveling the world for Read more >
One of your biggest travel expenses and time-consuming tasks is booking accommodation, and we all want to save time and hopefully some money when searching for deals online. Whilst there are plenty of websites these days to help you search Read more >
Brought to you by Worldpackers Picture this. Huge barracuda and trevally jump onto your line while crocodiles patiently watch with one eye above the water. You’ve not long finished your shift out on the boats, working in a pristine area that can only Read more >
  We hear it all the time, ‘You should try housesitting!” We know. Friends have told us about being the boss of Irish castles and living in mansions on a Thai island for free. “Give me some of that!” we Read more >
Saving on accommodation in Australia has never been so important. Australia an expensive country to travel, but one worth exploring. Don’t think you can’t travel Australia yet? There are many ways you can save on travel costs. Instead of setting Read more >
I had a dream and for a very long time that was all it was, a dream that seemed unattainable, unrealistic and most definitely one I could not afford. For the longest time I fantasied and day-dreamed, but that was Read more >
Our House-sitting journey all started back on a cold and dreary winter Sunday in London back in January of 2010. I was clicking through the travel section in the Guardian, dreaming of sunnier climates. Dani was huddled up under a Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…