Money Mindset

Have you finished that sentence a million times over in your life? When I get a million dollars, I’ll travel the world. If I won a million dollars I’d ________ . I did all the time. It was like my Read more >
One of the blocks that have come up for many of my Money Cleanse participants is they feel guilty for desiring more money – like they are stealing from those less fortunate, and it’s hugely unfair. Poverty is a great Read more >
We’re all looking for the holy grail to improve some aspect of our life. The step-by-step plan or blueprint that never fails. Formulas and plans can only go so far. Ultimately life improvement or success rests upon the person implementing Read more >
That’s a yes and a no to both questions. I’ve actually done both. You know from our story that we traveled and lived for 5 years with debt. But, it was good debt based on appreciating assets, and we had Read more >
Last year I started my own personal Money Project with a focus on uncovering my money blocks and transforming my relationship with money. In other words learn to love it and consciously apply the law of attraction the right way, Read more >
The decisions we make in our lives, especially when it comes to travel, almost always boils down to what we can afford. Because we base our decisions on our current financial situation, we completely shut the doors of possibility that Read more >
I’ve got a confession to make. I hate dealing with money. When it comes time to look in my bank balance and manage it, I feel a slight sickness in my stomach. By this I don’t mean looking at how Read more >
Struggling to receive more money? Do you sometimes get on a roll and it’s flowing to you nicely and then suddenly you prang your car, break your phone, or cop a speeding fine? It seems as if you can’t catch Read more >
Click here to send me a tweet if running out of money on your travels is something you worry about! I’m pretty sure my twitter feed will now be swamped (if you can be bothered to click and send). If Read more >
It doesn’t matter it’s only money…Money can’t buy you happiness… Have you heard yourself saying things like this before? Do you really believe it or are you just trying to convince yourself money’s not important because you don’t have any? Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…