Packing Tips

Picking the best shoes for travel will keep your feet comfortable. But in 2013 I looked down at my brand new travel backpack with a feeling of dread. How was I going to fill this small travel backpack with all Read more >
Alright! You’re ready to travel with kids more. Don’t panic. Family travel is amazing! One of your biggest concerns may be what are the best kids travel items and how to keep your kids safe and happy when traveling. We’re Read more >
Looking for gift ideas for travelers? This list of the best travel gifts includes gifts for women, kids, electronics, packing essentials and more! Written from 20 years of travel experience! We know travel essential! Read more >
For a family of four, we don’t own much. We like to keep it that way so we can spend more money and time on moments and memories rather than up-keeping possessions. BUT, it’s amazing how quickly the stuff piles Read more >
Tired of underwear and socks getting lost in your luggage? Origami Unicorn travel underwear organizer will teach you how to pack underwear for a trip. No more losing your socks and undies or getting them wet on the bathroom floor! Read more >
This is a guest post by Erin McNeaney as part of The Carry-On Traveller book blog tour. Packing a carry-on suitcase only is the secret to stress-free travel. You save time at airports – there’s no need to wait at Read more >
No, I’m not writing this post. I’m definitely not the person who can teach you about style, nor about packing. I’m a last minute throw-in-the-bag kinda girl! I’ve asked my stylist and friend Kirsty Ashe to share her tips for Read more >
I’ve never really known how to pack a suitcase efficiently. I was born without an organization gene. It doesn’t matter that I’ve traveled the world for over 17 years, I’ve only ever packed a suitcase one way – throw everything Read more >
“Are we ready to leave for the Problogger Event in Melbourne tomorrow?” Craig and I were doing an early morning beach walk before getting started on our day’s work. We were flying at 8am the next morning to go to Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…