Our Exciting US road trip plans for the next six weeks


We’re off on a six week road trip adventure. We haven’t been on a trip this long for some time. It’s the most excited I’ve felt about road tripping and travel for a long time as well.

Mt Mansfield toll road Vermont

So much of the past year has been spent getting ourselves settled into life in the US, establishing our brand and authority over here, hustling like crazy, and traveling on short term trips that have been super content focused and more about the destination than the journey. It’s been intensive travel for work. It’s a fun way to work, but still it’s a very different experience to operate from the space of work mode.

It’s been important for us to do this for the past year, so we have no regrets. We’ve found our base and are growing our roots and branches so it’s all good.

But, it means now I’m ready for a longer journey and story.

I’ve even started researching into RV’s now and potentially making the leap into full time nomadic road tripping across the US at the end of the year.

Although I really do love having my home base in Raleigh, I think I want to get the RV travels over on the West Coast completed so we can look at buying a house in Raleigh and making our life a little more permanent.

But, back to our six week road trip plans. I’m in the car typing this out driving through West Virginia. My sentences are getting interrupted by endless curious questions from Savannah and also trying to get some school work done with the girls. (Here’s how we roadschool)

This is how we roll, multi tasking and getting as much done as we can. Hang on, did I mention more less intensive travel in the previous paragraphs.

Okay, Let’s be real. Travel with kids is always intense!!

We’re starting the first ten days of the trip driving to Bloomington, Minnesota and exploring the Mall of America and a few other cool things to do there, including a visit to Paisley Park – Prince’s home. It’s going to be fun and I have a T-Shirt I randomly found in Target yesterday. Follow on Instagram to see it!

This one is going to be a work campaign with Bloomington and the Mall of America. The girls are especially excited as it involves a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge – their favorite family resorts in the US, a visit to the American Girl Doll Café (they plan to do all of them in the US) and thrill ride fun in the Mall of America.

We then drive down to Dallas, Texas, where we’ll pick up my parents!! They’re flying in from Sydney to spend four weeks with us road tripping from Dallas to Boston.

Mum and Dad with KalyraMum and Dad with Kalyra

We’re so excited to be spending time with them, visiting places and experiencing things that are on their US bucket list and have been for years. While we can’t do everything, I think we’ve planned a pretty epic trip that hits a lot of the places and experiences I’ve heard them talk about for years.

Dallas to Boston Road Trip Highlights

  • The Alamo in San Antonio
  • The Magnolia Experience in Waco Texas
  • Graceland in Memphis
  • The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
  • Gettysburg
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • And so many places in New York City.

I’m also excited to show them one of my favorite places in North Carolina and possible the US – Lake Lure. I instantly feel relaxed and at home when I visit there.

Dallas to Boston Road Trip Plans

  • Dallas
  • Waco
  • San Antonio
  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Franklin
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Lake Lure
  • Gettysburg
  • New York City
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Boston
  • Raleigh

The girls are beyond excited to be spending time with their Nanny and Pop.

I love that everything is planned and scheduled out and there are no pressing work assignments and we can just kick back and relax and produce what we want when we want.

Trying something new (really old)

One thing I am going to try a little differently on this space am hugely excited about. I can tell how excited I am as my words won’t stop flowing, is to write posts on the blog that are more in the moment, journal style posts. So you can follow the raw and real parts  of the adventure. I’ll just write whatever I feel like writing.

If you are a member of my VIP email tribe, it will be the type of personal content I write to you every week that that you love! I receive so much positive feedback about it. I love writing those style of posts, and it doesn’t take me very long, but I find it super hard to do it on the blog.

It’s the exhaustion of promoting it once it’s written. That’s why we tend to write just the long, epic useful content filled with travel tips and destinations highlights to help you when it comes time for you to go on your adventures. These take us so much time, not just to write, but to format, edit, add in images, and then promote. It’s too hard for me to write them as we travel.

So we’ll still write that content for you from what we experience on this road trip but it definitely won’t be published until after the trip is finished in June.

So I thought, why not just write short journal style posts about life on the road and showcasing the little things that happen, the small monuments, treasured memories and lessons?

I’m not going to fill them with images or promote them too hard. But I do encourage you to read them and leave comments. I miss the old style of blogging where this happened so frequently and I’d love to bring it back.

I’m going to do my best to post something every day. I’m excited by the possibility of it (we will have plenty of long drives to help me) However, life on the road with two kids, and now two grandparents can be pretty intense so I won’t make you any promises, but I am intending to do this.

I’d love your support and encouragement to keep me focused an motivated and see where this goes. Hopefully we can make this community strong again. We’d love to hear your tips as we go and any related memories or insights you may have to what I am writing about.

I feel and excitement and freedom I haven’t felt in a long time with this blog. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.

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  Tell us any tips you may have for the destinations we are visiting, have you done multi-generational travel before, and how have you survived it?


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