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The bonus side effect of a busy year of travel is a lot of books read, and although I’ll happily tackle most genres, if there’s a travel link or an exotic location to a book then it’s always a bonus. So I’m back with the latest edition of my Reads on the Road series, featuring my favourite recent travel-inspired reads.
If you’re visiting Prince Edward Island in Canada, then there’s one name you’ll keep seeing – Anne Shirley. Better known as Anne of Green Gables, she might be fictional but has she has a serious fan club which stretches all around the world. There are the purists who’ve read each of the eight original books and there are others who’ve just discovered Anne’s world through new Netflix series Anne with an E.
Winter nights are the perfect time to tackle my huge ‘to read’ backlog. So after working my way through most of the pile, I’m back with the seventh edition of ‘Reads on the Road’, featuring some of my favourite recent travel-inspired books. This batch are a mix of true-life stories and fiction, with a couple that combine the two in one book.
After years of faithful service, my trusty Kindle finally bit the dust last month (from overwork undoubtedly). I’ve already ordered a replacement, but it’s been a good excuse to read some ‘real’ books for a while, and I’ve uncovered some gems that’ve been lurking on my ‘to read’ shelves. This sixth selection of ‘Reads on the Road’ features some of my favourite recent travel-related books. It mixes up fiction and travel memoirs.
As my annual winter reading binge comes to an end, I’m back with my fifth selection of ‘Reads on the Road’, with some of the most inspiring and interesting travel-related books I’ve discovered recently. This edition is all about fiction, covering a range of locations that stretch from the cold north of Iceland to the dusty Red Centre of Australia. I’ve been inspired by places I’ve visited recently – Greece and Devon – and one I’ll be visiting soon – the Outer Hebrides.
After a busy couple of work months over the summer which saw my Kindle starting to get dusty, the last few months of train and plane journeys have seen me get well and truly back into my reading groove. So I’m back with my slightly overdue fourth selection of ‘Reads on the Road’, featuring some of the most inspiring and interesting travel-related books I’ve discovered recently. This edition features a mixture of travel memoirs and historical dramas, with a definite foodie theme emerging and a list of exotic locations including Sri Lanka, Morocco and Iran.
The good thing about the long, dark winter nights over the last few months is that they were perfect for curling up by the fire and working my way through the huge pile of books I’d been building up. So I’m back with my third selection of ‘Reads on the Road’ – the most inspiring and interesting travel-related books I’ve discovered over the last six months. This time I seem to have been drawn to books based on real historic events around the world – from the Second World War to the Mexican Revolution.
After sharing my first Reads on the Road recommendations earlier this year, I’m back with the another installment featuring inspiring and interesting travel-related books I’ve discovered in the last six months. And I’ve certainly put in plenty of research. One benefit of the long train and plane journeys I’ve done this spring and summer is having lots of time to read. Somehow I always feel I should be doing something ‘useful’ when I’m at home, but stick me in a seat for a six-hour journey and I’ll happily work my way through book after book.
While I’ve got plenty of travel plans, for the next 12 year, the start of the new year sees me staying fairly close to home for the first couple of months. But although I won’t be going far geographically, that doesn’t mean I won’t be travelling in my mind, thanks to my reading obsession. I’ve always been a fast reader – checking my Kindle shows I got through 63 books over the last year, and that’s just the electronic ones.
I’ve always been a book lover… and a fast reader. I’ll happily devour an entire book in one session, and am banned from reading in bed after many nights spent awake til 3am ‘just finishing the end of this chapter’. I’ve recently given in and invested in a Kindle, but before that my holiday reading of choice was the thickest book I could find. Anything below 400 pages wasn’t even going to get a look in. But you can have too much of a good thing, and there’s also a limit to what I can carry.


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