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Now that Ana and I are firmly back from our six months in Southeast Asia, I feel compelled to reflect back on some of the technicalities of traveling. There will be more stories, but some aspects preparing for our trip were far more stressful for me than needed…and once on the road a bit more disturbing. You […]
I’m not exactly sure why I was so woefully under-prepared for my seemingly easy visa run to Malaysia last week, but let’s chalk it up to sheer laziness and a touch of travel arrogance. Thailand gives visitors from the United States (among other nationalities) an easy 30 days on-arrival visa if you enter the country […]
Dear my Lonely Planet: Central America on a Shoestring, Why have you lead me astray? You disappointed me this past week at the Mexican/Belizean border crossing. I love you, I nurture you, I pull you out of the depths of my bag when I’m in a pinch, and yet you disappoint at the weirdest times. […]
A constant whirring sounded from deep within the train as the wheels sped across the tracks. Coupled with the constant rocking and the constant intrusions into my train compartment, the overnight between Zagreb and Sarajevo wasn’t restful. Added to that, the customs offers at the border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia have absolutely no mercy. The […]
Including Assisi on my backpacking trip across Italy was a no-brainer once my friend Jenn talked about her dream of visiting the gorgeous Basilica of Saint Francis. We spent just two days visiting the sights in Assisi before moving onward again, this time we would make a very long travel day(s) from the center of […]
Traveling in developing countries necessitates a distinct rhythm to life. It’s both the little moments and the big ons that create a consistency of experience. It eclipses the life I used to know and becomes the new norm. Traveling in developing countries is simply different compared to other travel destinations.  After landing in Bangkok, overwhelmed […]
Over the past few months, the timeline of stories is disjointed because of the nature of my internet access and the number of power outages in Nepal, which limited my ability to do anything except for my online work. But it’s been an incredible four months backpacking through South Asia. I started in Mumbai in […]
The early morning light glinted off buildings of Kathmandu as our plane circled the Kathmandu Valley waiting to land. After two months exploring India, I’ve moved into Nepal (full travel guide here). I plan to take a much slower pace to life and travels for the next nine weeks. In India, I met my cousin […]
With just a handful of hours left in Bangkok before our night bus to Laos, my friend Laura and I hopped a public bus to Thailand’s massive Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is open on the weekends, and since we were in town on a weekend the market was a must see.  Allegedly, it’s massive […]
I’ve made it to Southeast Asia, but it was definitely touch and go there for awhile. After a day of travel snafus and endless frustrations, I made it. Getting out of Australia was a hellish experience.  My own underpreparedness, and a lack of pre-trip research, are to blame for my stressful predicament. In fact, that lack […]


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…