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One of the reasons we love the USA and are planning to return there indefinitely on our big US road trip is because it was living in the US that first inspired us to create our own freedom business. There’s Read more >
I’ve never experienced a blogging conference on the scale of BlogHer. Around 2,000 attendees, a huge expo, fun parties, and non-stop celebrity appearances. It was fun and fascinating. I’m sitting on the couch of my Airbnb apartment watching a bit Read more >
We’re presented with many opportunities every day. Most of them we don’t even notice, some we don’t care about and a few we contemplate. “I don’t know what to do. Should I say yes or no?” That’s usually when fear Read more >
Two weeks ago we attended the Problogger conference here on the Gold Coast. So did 700 other people – mostly women! It’s definitely my favourite conference. Not only do I get to hang out with a cool bunch of travel Read more >
Every day there are new small and micro businesses starting all over the world and every single one of them has an owner that is doing their best to achieve their version of success. If you’re one of them, this Read more >
Surprisingly, considering I have very little time to spare, this year I have consumed a lot of books and courses. I’m a frequent visitor to the Google Play book store and fill in every spare moment reading empowering books rather Read more >
You’re S.M.A.R.T. You and I both know it. You’ve got big dreams and you feel it in your heart that you can live it. How do you get there? You set goals of course. A plan of action. What you Read more >
A huge and jolly Happy New Year to you! I sincerely hope your first hours and days of 2011 are joyous. The theory goes that you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed each day and that’s justification for a crappy day, so my chipperness knows no bounds today this week; I […]
You’ve are about to fulfil your dreams travel the world, or you’re already a long-term traveller. You have this great idea for a travel blog to share all your travel adventures. The only problem is you don’t know how to Read more >


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…