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Back in 1996, the Devon city of Exeter became my new home when I went to study geography at Exeter University. It was just far enough away from home, and just big enough to have lots to do without being too overwhelming for this country girl. Add in a lovely city centre campus with lots of green space and I had three happy years there. But since graduating I’ve only been back once, so took my mum for a birthday celebration/trip down memory lane.
I do love a colourful beach hut on the seafront, and I’ve always been jealous of anyone lucky enough to own one. But what’s even better than a beach hut? A beach hut you can actually stay the night in. Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon aren’t your glorified wooden sheds on the seafront either – this is beach hut luxury. You get a proper bed, bathroom and kitchen, all wrapped up in a tiny, cute, beachside package.
The UK is surrounded by over 7700 miles of coastline, with beautiful beaches from the Scottish islands in the far north right down to the tip of Cornwall in the south. The only problem though is that the unpredictable British weather doesn’t make it the easiest to take advantage of them. I’m all for a bracing winter walk along the coast, but come summer I’d rather be in a shorts and sunglasses than kitting myself out in wellies and waterproofs every time I want a day on the beach.


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We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…