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After winter seems to have dragged on forever, the first snowdrops peeking out from the ground are a sign that spring is finally on it’s way. But at Colesbourne Park in the Cotswolds, they’ve taken snowdrop growing to the extreme. The estate’s been described as ‘England’s greatest snowdrop garden’, with over 250 different varieties of snowdrop spread over ten acres of traditional country garden. 
After what always feels like an endless winter in Britain, the first bluebell I see is a sign that days are getting longer and temperatures are getting warmer – summer is finally on its way. Near my home in Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean is one of the best places in the country to see native English bluebells.
Springtime in the Netherlands means one thing – tulips – and if you want to see them in their thousands, the place to go is Keukenhof. Not far outside of Amsterdam in the town of Lisse, Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden. There are over seven million bulbs planted here each year, with daffodils, hyacinths and orchids as well as tulips in every colour imaginable. The gardens stretch over 32 hectares with lakes, sculptures and pavillions in amongst the flowers. Keukenhof was set up by the mayor of Lisse in 1949 as a way for tulip growers to show off their latest hybrid varieties.
Hidden away behind tall hedges near the Seine in Paris’ 5th arrondissement is the city’s Jardin des Plantes, or botanical gardens. These gardens stretch over almost 70 acres, with more than 4500 different plants – from rose and iris gardens to alpine plants and tropical greenhouses – filling it with beautiful colours and perfumes throughout the year. The Jardin des Plantes was originally set up in 1635 by Louis XIII as a royal garden to study medicinal herbs, and there’s still a school for botanists there today.
When the greyness of a British January gets too much and I’m in need of some colour, I come back to my photos from Bali last year and the vibrant shades of the island’s flowers. Indonesia’s tropical climate and mix of habitats make it home to over 28,000 plant species, and you can see and smell them wherever you go. They run through a whole rainbow of colours, from shocking pinks to vivid purples, bright reds, rich oranges and sunny yellows.
If you’ve ever wondered what Chiang Mai, Thailand will feel like during the zombie apocalypse then hit the streets of the old city, inside the moat, around 9:00am on the Saturday of the city’s Flower Festival Parade. The parade starts at 8:00am just outside of the moat, near Warorot Market, and the rapid exodus of […]
The Getty Center in Los Angeles sits sentinel on the faded, olive green hills to the west of Hollywood; a sprawling and artistic estate with glistening white marble construction framing the surrounding scenery with poetic picture frames built into the building’s architecture. I so easily forget parts of my own home; as I travel endlessly […]
The grandmother figure at my guesthouse in Ubud didn’t speak a lick of English but her open and friendly smile, coupled with a gentle beckoning of the hand, was the only invitation I needed to sheepishly shuffle over to the assembly line of family members weaving and plaiting palm leaves into tiny three inch by […]


A Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park

We rounded a corner and there in the road essentially right in front of us were the painted forms of a pack of wild…