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History is all around you on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, and no where more so than on the island’s west coast. The road that runs along the coast takes you though some stunning scenery. But it’s also a journey through the different eras of the island’s 5000-year history. Within 16 miles you can travel through 4000 years, from modern island life way back to Neolithic times – but what’s along the way?
At the far northern tip of the Isle of Lewis you’ll find the Butt of Lewis – the furthest north you can get in the Outer Hebrides, and what feels like the edge of the world. If you carry on north from here then your next stop would be the Arctic, go west and it’s Newfoundland in Canada. On a sunny day when the sea is calm, the endless views out into the ocean from its steep 60- to 80-foot-high cliffs take your breath away. Read more: 9 reasons to love the Isles of Lewis and Harris The rocks which make up these cliffs were formed 3000 million years ago and are some of the oldest in Europe. You can see the layers and folds in the rocks, formed through the twisting of the earth’s surface multiplied by millions of years of heat and pressure. Seabirds make their nests in the cliff edge and wildflowers grow wherever they can find a spot to root. But watch out on a stormy day, where it’s more than your breath that might be taken away. This stretch of coastline gets pounded by waves and winds up to 100 miles per hour – the […]
Scotland’s islands have to be one of Britain’s best-kept secrets. I’d heard tales of the stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes and unique culture you can find in the far north, all without even having to leave the country. I just needed some sunshine to make it perfect – and the Hebridean islands of Lewis and Harris couldn’t have put on a better show for my first Scottish island trip.


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