The BEST thing we’ve taken with us on our road trip around Australia


We debated whether to bring them or not.

It meant extra luggage and weight, and a lot of hassle. Every time we need to get access to the car boot, Craig has to take them off – it’s a 10-minute job at least.

So we have to make sure all essential belongings we need in an instant are either packed in the front of the car, or in the Yakima cargo box on our roof racks.

I thought we’d use our bikes every now and then for special bike trails and explorations. I thought it would be better that we bring them instead of the hassle and expense of hiring a bike.

It turns out we are using them almost every day.

Biking around Lake Jindabyne, Snowy MountainsBiking around Lake Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains
Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 222Biking the Snowy Mountains
Biking the Wollongong foreshoreBiking the Wollongong foreshore

It’s opening up a wonderful avenue of exploration, especially with two small children. A lovely walk used to satisfy our exploratory curiosities, but now it’s too hard with the kids; we don’t get very far and it’s a slow walk.

The girls love the bikes.

Kalyra rides hers around town, around the campsite or property grounds every day. She loves her little moments of ME time freedom zipping around.

Biking in NaroomaBiking in Narooma
Kalyra in Wollongong harbourKalyra in Wollongong harbour

Wollongong NSW 046

Savannah walks around with her helmet on and adores being on the back of the bike with Daddy. She pats his back and shouts out “cracker Daddy” when she needs a little munch and crunch. And even falls to sleep.

Wollongong foreshoreWollongong foreshore

Narooma 329

Green Patch 174

Because of our bikes we’ve experienced beautiful scenery and had enjoyable moments like these ones.

Biking in the Snowy MountainsBiking in the Snowy Mountains
around Wollongongaround Wollongong
in Naroomain Narooma
Thredbo in the Snowy MountainsThredbo in the Snowy Mountains
Thredbo, Snowy MountainsThredbo, Snowy Mountains
Wollongong foreshoreWollongong foreshore

It’s been precious family bonding time for us.

The bikes have been the best decision we made about what to bring with us on our road trip. If you can, find room to include yours on your next adventure. We carry ours on our Yakima bike rack.

Narooma 179

Besides, biking is free and good for you!

Watch this short video for some live biking action:



  1. Dear Earl:

    I am a 51 y/o American woman who is single with no children. When I was younger (17-30) I traveled without care. I started with a scholarship to University of London and just kept going throughout Europe, married and lived in England, divorced and worked in Riyadh, SA. Eventually I got sucked into the rut of the American “dream” of home ownership and a job.

    When the bottom fell out of Wall Street in 2008 I lost all. I currently live in a friend’s “extra” house and work a menial sales job.

    Recently I had a medical scare that made me evaluate what is important in my life. Traveling was always at the top of my list, above career, home, anything. I love my family dearly but I go 1-2 years without seeing them now. Distance would not make any difference. Telephone and Skype will suffice.

    I am seriously (for over 2 years now) contemplating selling the whole lot of material things and traveling like you do. I will not be able to set out until late in 2014 or early 2015 as I feel the need to tie things up here.

    I may be facing chemotherapy in the next 2 months and will make a decision about that when the time comes. However, I do not want to miss seeing so many things I wanted to see.

    My question to you…can I get medical treatment, if needed, while overseas? Can I get prescriptions filled easily?

    The 2 places I dreamed of seeing are Morocco and India. Is it safe for a single woman in Morocco? As you stated, those of us that have wanderlust will live vicariously through the images of our computers, but I do not want to continue to do that. I want to see the colours and smell the scents. I want to taste the food and meet the people.

    While traveling in my younger years I was fearless. I usually preferred to travel alone as I could meet people easier. People do not usually approach a group or couple to speak but as a loner I was always invited to join parties or groups. I know this still holds true. I agree, you never have to be alone unless you want to be.

    I thought about starting my trip in Europe, Canada (since it is summer now), or Belize (where I have tons of family) but that seems like a waste. I do not want to just get my toes wet…I want to do a swan dive into the new life I have chosen.

    Please suggest how I should start this new life. The mind set is there, the passion and intelligence is there, the open mind is there. Believe me, I embraced life in Saudi Arabia as I would life on Mars and loved every colourful second of it. Most women would tell you horror stories but not me! I was there for 2+ years and yearn for more.

    The “wanderDust” is in my sandals and always has been.

    Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail, I hope you have time to reply as it seems you are extremely popular. If not, I will understand. My best to you. I hope one day our paths will cross and I can buy you a cocktail and hear about your life.



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