Travel is Educational


I’m currently going through the process of cleaning and organizing all my computer files and moving them to my new computer. Please grunt with me now. It is as awful as it sounds and a price I pay for having minimal organizational skills.

Anyway, I came across an opinion piece Kalyra wrote last year when we took her out of school to travel. This was the work we promised her teacher we’d do so she did not fall behind with persuasive writing.

I want to share that piece with you today.

We are encouraging our daughters to be entrepreneurial minded and brave enough to express yourself even when fearful of what others think. When I suggested we publish this post on the blog, Kalyra agreed with the condition that we pay her!!!

Love her sass and we could not let that opportunity for learning, negotiation and standing up for your worth pass.

She haggled hard, and in the process, we taught her about making a stance for your worth but also how to leave room in your offering for negotiation and market readiness!

This is how we homeschool. You can learn more in my homeschooling 101 guide here and my free ebook sharing 32 ways yo empower your children to learn, grow, and prosper – in school and out.

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Okay, so I’m outta here. Kalrya is ready to tell you why she thinks travel is educational.

Travel is Educational

Did you know that travel is the best education you can get?

I’m absolutely certain that traveling is educational. I’ve been traveling with my family since I was born, including an 18-month road trip around Australia. I know that travel helps you develop global awareness through real-life experiences and helps you to overcome fears.

White Beach Boracay Island is one of the best beaches in the Philippines. Sand sculpting is very popular Click to read tips on things to do in Boracay with kids.

To begin with, you can learn about the world around you. You can learn about animals, plants and indigenous people. To give an example, on

You can learn about animals, plants and indigenous people. To give an example, on an aboriginal tour in a rainforest, you can learn about the different ways they use nature for food, tools, and medicine.

Or, you can swim with sea lions in their natural habitat and see how curious and playful they are. Therefore, travel makes learning about the world fun and interesting.

Additionally, you can visit lots of different places. You can see so many exciting places like Sea World, Movie World, DreamWorld, Aussie World and Sea Life.

For instance, you can visit another country and experience their food, culture and different money. You can even learn new languages!

Plus, you can use maps to help you get around, work how long it will take you to get to places and how to not get lost by using a compass.

Grand palace BangkokGroup photo with some local Thais at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Finally, travel can help you be confident and brave. When you travel, you talk to a lot of strangers, which takes a lot of confidence and courage.

To further explain, activities like zip lining, quad biking and snorkeling can be adventurous and fun and help you overcome your fears. Hence, travel is great for building confidence and courage.

Jungle Surfing (zip lining) in the Daintree Rainforest of Queensland, Australia

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It’s definitely clear that if you want to have fun and learn at the same time then travel is the way to go!

In a nutshell, travel helps you gain confidence and courage, have real-life experiences, and learn about the world by interacting with it.

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How do you think travel is educational?


  1. Ciao Paolo! A me, è capitato più meno la stessa cosa… ancora sogno di altri paesi quindi, per forza (o fortuna) devo viaggiare da sola, di nuovo…sennò rimango a casa per sempre 🙂 Mi sono resa conto che, per me, un viaggio di 4-10 settimane è ottimo, e mi basta, forse c’e l’hai tu un limite così pure.

    In English: Hi Paulo! The same thing happened to me… I still think about travelling to other places so I have to force myself to travel… if not, I’d stay at home forever! I realised, that for me, a trip of 4-10 weeks is perfect… any more than that and I’d get fed up, maybe for you it’s the same thing?

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  3. I love this post! Great that you changed your mind about public transport in LA. 🙂 One of my favourite things to do when I visit a foreign country is trying out the public transport.
    When I worked on the ship, we berthed in Long Beach and I spent a few days travelling around greater LA using public transport. There was some sort of tram/train from Long Beach to LA, and from there I changed to the underground to visit hollywood etc. Loved it!


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