Why Choose Cloud Hosting for Your Travel Blog?


Growing websites like travel blogs require more and more resources to keep performing at their best.

Travel blogs are equipped with lots of content, pictures, videos, and resources that are regularly updated to keep the content fresh and engaging.

7 lessons learned from 7 years of travel blogging

So what makes cloud hosting so important and what is the best cloud hosting for your travel blog? Let’s discuss!

Cloud hosting is one of the main basis that brings out the best in your business by providing the resources to keep itself ahead in the competition. This is especially true if your travel blog is powered by WordPress.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business, conventional cloud hosting is obsolete, not user-friendly and lacks the necessary tools a growing business must have to perform at its best.

This is where managed cloud hosting is the only viable solution. It’s easy to deduce that the best cloud hosting service should be managed.

Not all managed hosting services are good when it comes to WordPress-powered websites, but Cloudways is an exception to this case.

Cloudways is the best cloud hosting platform that offers 5 of the most popular hosting services like DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Vultr and the Google Compute Engine for you to host your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

But before we get into the details of why Cloudways is one the best managed cloud hosting platforms, let’s have a brief introduction before we get into the details of this cloud hosting review.

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Cloudways — Managed Hosting Platform

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that offers a range of features for your PHP based websites like WordPress.

You can then select from 5 of the most popular cloud hosting services like AWS, Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean, and the Google Compute Engine to get up and running from within a few clicks.

One of the many aspects where Cloudways excels is in its interface that is optimized to be easy and user-centric in terms of understanding and navigation.

The other aspect where Cloudways is commended for is the range of features that it provides that are designed to make your experience with managed hosting seamless, secure, reliable and most of all, hassle-free.

Why Cloudways Is the Best?

When you search online for “WordPress hosting”, you will get tons of names offering all kinds of services that may look compelling and interesting at first.

But for growing businesses, the list is narrowed down to just a few.

Your travel blog is special and requires more than just conventional hosting services, it requires the best cloud hosting provider that takes the brunt of the technical stuff that happens behind the scenes in a way that you focus more on expanding your business.

Ultimate Performance

7 lessons from 7 years of travel blogging

One of the most crucial byproducts of the best cloud hosting is superior performance.

With dedicated servers on Cloudways, there is no sharing with anyone else. You are given all the resources you’ll ever need to be worry free when it comes to performance.

How is this possible?

Cloudways brings built-in advanced cache features like Memcached, Varnish, and Redis on its platform that assures performance.

Servers on Cloudways are already PHP 7.x ready to help further improve response which translates into seamless server launch and performance. For reference, check out this benchmarking test conductedhere.

Server Scalability

Server scaling used to be a daunting task where users used to input lengthy codes to kill previous servers and wait endlessly for the codes to take effect.

Cloudways understands the value of time for you and your travel blog visitors and took measures to ensure that scaling servers is instantaneous.

From within the Cloudways interface, you now have the ability to vertically scale your servers according to the traffic you expect landing on your website.

All you need to do is slide with your mouse to scale your server.

Cloudways also provides Application and Server Cloning with just 1-click to help you make multiple copies of your entire servers.

In case something goes wrong, you already have a backup and with the Auto Healing feature, most calamities are taken care of from within the platform.

You can work better and engage more people into your work through One Account where you can add, manage and monitor multiple teams by giving them access to only the options you want.

With their Click Stop App feature, you have the freedom to stop and restart an application at your will, and upon stopping, the application is closed off the entire world wide web.

Having problems migrating your work onto Cloudways? Migration is just a few clicks away, not to mention, it’s Free.

Advanced Security

Cloudways takes security very seriously and has put serious security protocols in place to make sure both your account and your servers are as safe as possible.

There are dedicated OS level firewalls in place to help filter out malicious content and intruders.

With regular security patching. Cloudways performs regular security patching to ensure a safe and reliable environment.

This approach towards Cloudways assures superior protection against malicious attacks and other vulnerabilities that are tried and tested to make sure they give you a worry-free experience.

Added to this is Two Factor Authentication for that additional layer of security to keep hackers away from logging into your Cloudways account.

Last but not least, there is IP Whitelisting that helps you create a list of IPs and regions for unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.

24/7 Customer Service

A good cloud hosting service gives customer service, but the best cloud hosting is known to provide unparalleled customer services.

Cloudways is one of the very best in terms of their customer services.

Let’s start with it being offered 24/7, live.

The strong knowledge base hub is there to help solve minor issues regarding understanding the platform. It is rarely used since the platform itself is extremely easy to navigate and understand.

The awesome customer service also provides 24/7 ticketings, so you will always be replied regarding your queries at the earliest.

An active community takes part in helping each other get the best of this amazing platform and with the help of automated backups and up to date applications to support, you are always secure and taken care of.

Wrapping up!

What are you waiting for?

Every website powered by WordPress deserves the best hosting service and if the service is managed, you would not worry about technical things.

You are secured and have a stable platform to concentrate on growing your business.

So, If you have a travel blog powered by WordPress that needs a boost in terms of speed, reliability, security, and support, check out Cloudways now and get on board.

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